Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Mayor's Smart Investment in Early Learning

by Sara Slaughter, Education Program Director

The McCormick Foundation applauds Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s August 3rd announcement of a three-year investment in early education that will allow about 5,000 more young children in Chicago to enroll in quality preschool. In a nod to research showing that children with access to quality early education have higher graduation rates and lower school drop-out rates, Mayor Emanuel’s decision demonstrates his commitment to education choices grounded in evidence. And, in a time when politicians are often accused of being short-sighted and thinking only of the next election, this decision defies that skepticism, looking out at least 10 years and acknowledging that Chicago will be a better place if we start children on a path that leads to better academic outcomes and increased civic engagement.

The McCormick Foundation is proud to have contributed to this effort with a grant supporting the development of the competitive process for quality preschool services for vulnerable children. Programs will be evaluated under the competitive process for quality as well as neighborhood need. Read the Mayor’s full press release.

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