Friday, April 10, 2015

#BringCivicsBack to Illinois Schools

by Shawn Healy, Civic Learning Scholar

This blog is an update of "Help Bring Civics Back to Illinois Schools,” posted on March 4, 2015

In March, Rep. Deb Conroy introduced legislation to strengthen civic education in Illinois. The legislation aims to promote greater civic learning through a required civics course for all Illinois high school students and to support teacher training, the greatest area of need for implementation of a new course.

On March 25, the legislation emerged successfully through its respective subcommittees. Because of this we are one step closer to bringing civics back to Illinois schools. Thanks to supporters that submitted witness slips in favor of the legislation. More than 300 proponent slips were filed. 


This legislation is based on the recommendations of the Illinois Task Force on Civic Education which was established by the legislature to study the status of civic education in Illinois and make recommendations on how to improve it. The Task Force, which I had the honor to chair, was comprised of legislators, educators, school administrators, and community leaders from across the state.

Time to Act – Here’s What You Can Do
Contact your state representatives and senators and urge them to support legislation (HB 4025) implementing the recommendations of the Illinois Task Force on Civic Education.

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