New Program Strategy Helps Strengthen Chicagoland Communities

Since February, the Foundation’s Communities Program has been working with more than 20 local and national organizations with expertise in poverty alleviation and race equity work to discuss ways to improve our grant and development strategies to achieve the greatest impact in the communities we serve. Through these discussions, we have decided to focus on (1) adopting a Race Equity lens, supporting programs and policies that respond to community voice and address the root causes of poverty and systemic racial bias and (2) develop a holistic grant framework that responds to the complex mix of barriers experienced in Chicago’s most under-invested communities.

Recently, the Communities Program developed a new fund, the McCormick Foundation Communities Matching Fund, to help create long-lasting impact in Chicagoland communities. Through the Matching Fund, the Foundation, along with frontline community organizations and community partners, will work to fight hunger, homelessness, and other urgent needs facing Chicagoland’s most vulnerable families and children. Donations to the Fund will have greater impact with a 50% match from the McCormick Foundation, allowing the money raised to work even harder to help kids and families that need it most.

In November, the McCormick Foundation Communities Matching Fund’s launched its first campaign, Shine Bright Chicago. Visit our Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages to learn how our new fund is helping to create long-lasting impact in Chicagoland communities.

Here in the City of the Big Shoulders we know that working together generates the best results. Our benefactor, Col. Robert R. McCormick believed we all can be leaders with the power to change the future. For over 60 years the Foundation, along with are partners and grantees have kept thus beliefs alive. Join us in helping to build a stronger, safer Chicagoland for all residents.

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