Monday, December 2, 2019

Our Chicago. Our Opportunity to Build a Brighter Future for Everyone

Will You Help?

Every person who lives here deserves a chance to reach for their dreams, but many people in our region experience more than their fair share of challenges. Every day, the local news is full of stories of gun violence, struggling schools, and a lack of good jobs. These challenges are real, and they disproportionately affect some communities more than others. But together, we can write a different story.

When you donate to the McCormick Foundation Communities Program, you help expand opportunities for every Chicagoan, regardless of ZIP code, race, or income. 100% of your donation goes directly to local nonprofits that are working to make a difference in their own communities — from Little Village to Englewood, and beyond.

Over the last year, thanks to your contributions, the Communities Program has continued to expand its support in communities where there is both great need, and great potential. We’re working together with local organizations, community leaders, and donors to help ensure every child gets a quality education, every adult has a pathway to stable employment, and every family has access to health and wellness services. But this work is far from done. Your support is essential to realizing the vision we all share for a Chicagoland where everyone can thrive.

Chicago Jobs Council, HEART, and Erie House are just a few of the many local organizations that receive grants from the McCormick Foundation thanks to generous support from donors like you. This upcoming holiday season, I hope you’ll help create more life- changing opportunities for people throughout our region with a gift to the McCormick Foundation.

Chicagoland can’t truly be a great place for any of us to live until it’s a great place for all of us. We appreciate your donation and look forward to working with you in the months ahead to build a brighter future for everyone who calls this region home.

To find out more or make a donation, visit our donation page.

Sunday, December 1, 2019

Our Chicago. Our Opportunity to Pursue Career Dreams

Will You Help?

Chicagoland will be a great place for us to live when it is a great place for all of us. Unfortunately, many people in our region face barriers that hold them back from a bright future.

Your support can help kids like Xavier overcome these challenges. Not long ago, Xavier struggled with reading. At his Little Village elementary school, 95% of students come from low-income households and test scores fall far below national averages.

Xavier got the extra support he needed when he started attending a literacy program at Erie House, a nonprofit community center in his neighborhood. There, Xavier works one-on-one with volunteer reading tutors. Now, he's reading at his appropriate grade level and exploring new opportunities for his future. He dreams of becoming an animator and creating stories about heroes like those in his favorite books.

Xavier’s story is just one example of the many opportunities you can help unlock with a donation to the McCormick Foundation. When you give to the McCormick Foundation, we’ll match your gift at 50 cents on the dollar and cover all expenses. Then, we’ll pass 100% of these funds on to local nonprofits like Erie House that are creating life-changing opportunities for people like Xavier.

Your donation makes a difference. We truly appreciate your gift, and thank you on behalf of all those who benefit from your generosity. This holiday season, let’s help make Chicago a land of opportunity for everybody, regardless of ZIP code, race, or income.

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