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Indelible Imprints: Remembering Soldiers of World War I

In time for the observance of the 100th anniversary of World War I, Dr. Jeff Gusky launches a wonderful photo exhibit, The Hidden World of WWI . The exhibit reveals the folk art of World War I soldiers of all nations left in long-forgotten bunkers, fortifications and caves that Gusky has explored. Included are images from an abandoned root cellar at Cantigny, France, that once was occupied by doughboys of the US First Division.  Former underground city beneath the trenches. Picardy, France. © 2013, Jeffrey Gusky. All Rights Reserved. Jeffrey Gusky, c/o attorney at P.O. Box 2526, Addison, TX 75001-2526. Gusky has discovered simple graffiti by soldiers who recorded their presence and their survival thus far, as well as elaborate evocative sculptures by soldiers who surely spent weeks or months underground. His work is two layers of art – the poignancy of the soldier art itself, and the excellence of his photographic images. Carving reads 'Liberty leav

Joining the White House to Promote Veteran Programs

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Heart of Illinois Bounces Back After Devastation

by Terry Bibo, Tri-County Long Term Recovery Committee  More than 1,100 families lost their homes in Washington, IL alone when mammoth tornadoes struck Central Illinois on November 17. The next morning, representatives of nearly 100 different groups – corporations, nonprofits and churches – gathered to react as one.  This was by far the single largest natural disaster the area had ever seen but the communities were fortunate in that few people were home that morning. Only three lives were lost, though that is still too many. Everyone from carpenters to musicians (i.e. Styx and REO Speedwagon) to the Chicago Bears volunteered to help, laying the groundwork for a unified response. The last nine months have been challenging for the communities impacted by the storms. While Washington sustained the most damage, two other neighboring communities were impacted as well – East Peoria and Pekin. Serving the specific needs of each community proved to be the greatest hurdle.  Thanks