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We All Have a Stake in Strengthening Democracy

by David Hiller, President and CEO At its recent meeting our board of directors approved several grants in our Democracy Program to support organizations committed to strengthening democracy and enhancing civic engagement in Illinois. The program, representing an $8 million annual investment, addresses a critical issue we face — sustaining our democracy in an era of great political polarization and lack of trust in our civic institutions. The Mikva Challenge's Mayoral Youth Commission works to bring youth voice to the  Mayor and other city officials on key issues that affect young people in Chicago. Several of our partners are working to strengthen civic education and civic engagement among our young people. This is aligned with the state-wide effort to bring quality civic education back to all Illinois high schools, and to improve civics, history and other social studies in all the K-12 grades under the new Social Studies Standards. Mikva Challenge , Constitutional Rig