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Building an Equitable Justice System in Chicago

Guest Blog by Sharone Mitchell, Jr., Deputy Director, Illinois Justice Project Sharone Mitchell, Jr. Last month, the Center for Racial and Gender Equity produced its Racial Justice Scorecard: A Report on the Racial Equity & Aldermanic Accountability in Chicago. The report graded Aldermen on five issues that systematically benefitted or harmed Black Chicagoans: police accountability, equitable economic investment, equitable schools, workers’ rights, and affordable housing. The report found that as a whole, the City Council earned an F grade. While Illinois Justice Project’s work focuses on criminal justice reform, an issue that makes up only a subsection of what is covered in the CRGE paper, there is little doubt that the current failures of the justice system are a fair barometer of the broader issues addressed in the report card. Given many Black Chicagoans and Black communities struggle with the realities of the justice system, it is of no surprise that the city legislati