Meeting Veterans at the Plate

by Don Cooke, Senior Vice-President of Philanthropy 

As the World Series winds down, we at the McCormick Foundation are proud of our partnership with Major League Baseball to help veterans re-integrate into their communities. Our program, Welcome Back Veterans, was celebrated during the first game of the World Series in Kansas City, and fans at the game and watching on television saw wonderful public service announcements honoring our returning warriors.

The partnership between Major League Baseball and the Robert R. McCormick Foundation has generated programs at eight major medical universities that support veterans with post-traumatic stress and brain injuries, the signature wounds of those who recently served in Iraq and Afghanistan. Located in Boston, New York City, Chicago, Atlanta, Los Angeles, North Carolina, and Michigan, these programs reach out to the veteran community and provide treatment for vets and family members. They also provide training opportunities for other service providers so that our warriors facing challenges can become vital members of their communities. It is privilege to work with Major League Baseball and to serve those who have served our country. 


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